My Love

For a person who lives almost his entire conscious life centred around the love for his love one, it is really hard for him to admit that he does feel his love for his love really useless sometimes, but the truth is, I must admit that it is really useless sometimes.

I like to express my love through actions, and often have I imagined holding your hands when you are down, and often have I actually done it. However, I come to a realization that this is only temporary. By holding your hands, I can do nothing but show you that I am here. But, what good can I do by being here?

I have always thought that King Soloman wrote "everything is meaningless" because he had tried all these things that he declared as meaningless, and, after just a brief taste of love, I realize that my love is meaningless: it is of no pratical use. It is of no use when you are struggling in the lab; it is of no use when you are trying to figure out your future; it is of no use even when I am around you. It is, really, meaningless.

But, there is hope; just like the light striking out from above the dark cloud captured in this picture, there is hope.

I have written to myself that my love for you is only a mere representation of God's love for you: He is the one who really loves you with all His heart, and He is the one who helps you whenever you call out. Seek Him, therefore, my love, and as we hold our hands again, I hope it is in a union prayer.