[10.10.2005] latest
"Deeper gale" has, after some experiments of name, been changed to "logogale," which serves as a place where I put my "creations mediated through words." "Photo gale" is also renamed to "photogale" (without the space now), just to try to capture a sense of unity of all the blogs that I mantain; besides, both "photo-" and "logo-" are prefixes, and it looks more "correct" to put the "gale" word immediately after them.

The purpose of "photogale" remains the same: it is the place where I put photo essays, and, as usual, I take most of the photographs and write most of the writings that I post here. There are occasional exceptions, and these exceptions will be acknowledged with their respective authors in a new section attached at the bottom to most entries called "behind the photo," with the the last "o" of "photo" replaced with a checkbox. Click on the checkbox to toggle the expansion of comments that I made to the specific entry and, of course, that specify the respective authors of those occasional exceptions.

Decided to make this blog as "photo gale," a place where I post photos that are taken by (and, sometimes, further edited by) me alongside with comments or stories that are associated by me.

This blog is different from deeper gale in a way that deeper gale might not have photos or pictures associated with each post, or, even if there are photos or pictures, they may not be from me, which is different from photo gale that has photos purely from myself.

Got this blog created at 2220 hours, intending it to be a place for records of my daily life, as compared to deeper thoughts of any kind. So, yes, this blog will be used to record my daily life, in a form of story that contains no specific or deeper thoughts of life.