Fly For You

Got the Christmas skit and concert done today. Since I couldn't see the skit because I participated in it, I would only comment on the concert. The band that we invited was 磐石樂團. It was the same band that went to 德生教會 in KHH last year (or early this year?), and the distinctive figures in it were the drummer (who is 藍心湄's uncle) and the keyboard (who is the keybord for 春雨樂團). They brought the audience a fantastic concert with both rock'n'roll and soft-paced songs, and I especially like one very precious lyric: 為祢飛.

I had been in a spiritual downhill for several weeks until this morning, when I finally made the decision to keel down and re-dedicate myself to God. Honestly, I believe that God has placed His will in me. Though I don't know whether His will has anything to do with the big dream of setting a design college at SJSMIT of mine, I believe that His will for me has something to do with teaching and counselling. Many incidents such as this opportunity for me to teach English at a 養老院, this opportunity to be trained to counsel teenagers, and many others all indicate that His will is for me to teach and to counsel. To think about all these carefully and deeply, it is really obvious that God's will and blessing are with me all the time. There is no need for me to worry about my future, but there is a need for me to equip myself better and stronger so when the opportunity comes, I am prepared.

O Lord, guide me and help me. You know that I don't like and don't have patience reading others' opinions. Grant me patience to walk the necessary so that I may best equipped, 來為祢飛.