Piles of Papers

My life has recently been packed with piles of papers waiting for me to mark, and it is definitely a tedius and brainpower-consuming job to read through something similar yet different over thirty-nine times and try to make comparisons of them, which are in Chinese, with a standard scheme, which is in English, not to mention that I have four piles of those.

It is so true that a person's true character is only revealed when tons of pressure is applied on him/her, and I, with so many of such opportunities, fail to maintain a balance between life and pressure quite hard each time

最近的生活被成堆等著我改的試卷佔據;而且要把 39 份看起來相似,卻又是骨子裡完全不一樣的試卷看過,並把這些使用中文回答的試卷與一份英文的標準答案做比較,的確是一件無趣且非常耗費腦力的事情。