Before a Group Shot

Before a group shot, I normally take a couple shots first to test the lighting and stuff, and I never realize how interesting people's faces, emotions, interactions with each other/the camera, and guestures are until this photo sort of ligntend my eyes as I was browsing through some 200+ shots.

Really, there are people chatting, waiting; starring, peaking; looking into the camera, looking into nowhere; having stiff faces, having wide smiles; eating, covering mouth; being covered by others, covering others; and, of course, many other things. The colour distribution of people's clothes is also an interesting factor: take notice how people on the right side tend to have clothes in bright colours whereas people on the left side are mostly wearing clothes in dull colours, and these colours of clothes seem to blend quite well into the background that is constructed primarily by green trees.

Really, it's quite interesting.