The sound of air being sucked into a vacuumed plastic bottle swifts through my ear as I open a new bottle of chocolate milk tea.

With the sound, I am being reminded of the need for such a new bottle of drink. I have actually eaten my breakfast and have bought this bottle of drink not really bacause of physical need, but out of psychological want. Of course, I can argue that I need something to drink to keep myself awake - especially at this seven o'clock in the morning - but I guess it is a weak argument in that I have also bought a pack of gum, which is more "stimulating" compared to a bottle of chocolate milk tea.

Also, the reason to the purchase is weak in that, by consuming a new bottle of drink, instead of drinking from the bottle of water that I have with me, I am creating more garbage to this already garbage-populated Earth. If everyone does this, there will be literally an infinite amount of garbage that this poor Earth of ours needs to digest.

As a result, for the sake of saving money and protecting the Earth, I should have not bought this bottle of chocolate milk tea.

And all that thoughts flah by my brain as I turn the lid of the bottle loose and feed on the milk tea.

"Mmmm~ Tasty!"

I think to myself.