"Pssst, do you think anyone's seen us on the table?" asks Blue the Unwanted.
"Umm... I don't know. That is really a mystery since there are so many people around." replies White the Undesired.
"Do you think we are invisible?" wonders Blue the Unwanted.
"Yah... We probablly are, you know... We've been here for what? A hour?" ponders also White the Undesired.
"Oh wait! I think someone's seen us! There's a guy pointing something glassy at us!" says excitedly Blue the Unwanted.
"That's called a camera, Blue..." says unexcitedly White the Undesired.
"Whatever that is! At least someone's seen us!" says even more excitedly Blue the Unwanted.
"Ahhh, don't be silly! That idiot is photographing the white table underneath us. See him packing up his camera now? He has not seen us." says discouraged White the Undesired.
"AHHHHHH!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!! ANYONE? Would ANYONE please bring us to the garbage can not far off?" explodes Blue the Unwanted.

Indeed, would anyone?