The two most prominent political parties here in Taiwan
Label themselves according to the colours of blue and green,
And thus terms such as "pan-blue" and "pan-green" exist
And are cunningly used whenever there are major issues
To rise their respective supporters' "patriotism."

The word "patriotism" is literal here
In a way that the "pan-blue" are supporters for a unified China,
As the Communist Party on Mainland China seeks,
Yet the "pan-green" are supporters for an independent Taiwan.
Though the issue of independence is no longer
The sole dividing line,
For the green party, the Democratic Progressive Party, has,
In many ways,
Disappointed even its supporters after it assumes power.

"Patriotism" aside, therefore;
But people of Taiwan are still the stuffing in a sandwich
Whose toasts are the blue party and the green party.
People on this island are destined to be eaten,
Along with the toasts,
Should no one on this island care about politics anymore.
Yet the politics here is so hard and disappointing
That no one really wants to care about it anymore.

When there is no firm ground for us to stand upon,
We, the Taiwanese people,
Can only lie in between the two toasts,
To be squeezed
To be eaten.

Have mercy on us, Lord.
Help us love our neighbours as we love ourselves,
And help us love You.
Let not we,
The different pieces that make this sandwich,
Consume each other before someone else actually does.