"Hey, Jennifer and Melody, may I ask you two to pose for me?" I ask the two girls as I show them the camera in my hand.

*pauses for a second and gives me a 'huh?' look*
"Sure... What's the photo for?" asks Jennifer.

"Well, I would like to use it to shut the mouth of the congregation off during the taking of the bread and the wine." I explain to the two curious minds in fornt of me.

"Ohh... Okay..." answer the two with still an uncertain voice.

"Good! Now, can you two sit over here?" I ask as I pull two chairs to the front of a wall in the church sanctuary.

The two sit.

"Now, could Melody pretend that you are praying and Jennifer pretend that you are telling children to harsh, with your left index finger in front of your mouth and one of your eyes closed, like this." I tell them as I act. "Also, Jennifer, please point at Melody with your right index finger."

The two act accordingly, and there goes the first photo.

"Umm... Uh... Let's try one without your eye closed... And... Jennifer, a little bit more... ... ... What's the word... Earnestness..."
*uh, no... that's too big of a word...*
"Uh... Passion..."
*gees... that's not the word...*
"Uh... You know..."

She laughs and nods as I scartch my head off... And there goes the second shot.

*gees... it's harder than I think...*
"Could we please try another one with one of your eyes closed?"

"Uh... One more with your eye closed, please?" ask I earnestly.

"Hahahahahahaha!" The two burst into laughters.
"What's so funny?" I ask.
"Hahaha, nothing. It just feels funny." Jennifer answers as she laughs.

"Hey, can we try for another direction? What about a photo of two of us laughing out loud, and you can put a big 'X' over to say what you want?" proposes Jennifer.

*That's not too bad of an idea* I think. "Sure!"

"But what should we laugh at?" asks Melody.

We all look around immediately, and Jennifer finds something attached to her bag: a small stuffed frog.

"This!" Jennifer lets loose the frog and brings it up, "Hey, let me tell you where I got it..." and she talks to Melody about it right away.

"Ohh? I thought you got it from Shihlin Night Market." says Melody.

"Yah, but do you know which store I got it from?" asks Jennifer.

To be honest, to act purposefully without rehersal is a little bit funny, so the two burst into another laughter not long after the conversation begins.

And there goes another shot.

And, what do you know? They end up really serious about this frog!

"What are you guys doing?" asks someone aside.
"Ohh, we are talking about this frog." answer Jennifer.
*Are we?* ponders Melody.
(All right... This part of the conversation is a made-up... I am not sure what happened when this photo was taken. I put this one up simply because their interaction in this photo is simply funny.)

So there goes the set of "Shhh~" photos, and I realize how bad I am, in addition to the photography skill, in the communication of what I want from people in front of my camera... But, anyway, thank you two a bunch, Jennifer and Melody!