Valentines (on flickr)

This is a photo taken at a friend's birthday party on Feb. 10... This guy has his birthday on the 14th of February, which, according to him, is the main reason why he had never had a big birthday party before. As a result, this year, he decides to hold his birthday party before the day when valentines are supposed to share together, on the 10th of February, as a courtesy to all those who will be occupied on the 14th. That's really nice of him.

Anyway, I was a stranger to almost everyone in the party except for a few schoolmates, and in a situation like this, my eyes wandered, therefore producing this photo. A schoolmate reckon me weird because my eyes would see this 100-meter-away scene, instead of the things and people that are right in front of me. Well, quite true, hah.

Alright, enough blah-blah, happy St. Valentine's Day :)