Another Way Of Seeing

From the animated feature Prince Of Egypt
And therefore the song "Through Heavens' Eyes"
Did I get the basic concept of this photo.

Of course, it's open for interpretation,
But I would like to associate the photo
With my current feeling.
And, if you don't wanna read some dumb sh*t,
It's recommended that you stop reading here :)

I feel,
After all these years of trial and error,
I still don't know much about love.
Although I've stated before
That I've almost lived my entire conscious life
Centred around the one that I love (which has been many),
Come to think of it now,
I still am quite a kid when it comes to relationships.

Seeing you when I least expected
Stirs up a lot of feelings and memories.
I've long thought that I've recovered,
But still,
I look for you in photos.
You've changed,
Only to become more beautiful.
And I am jealous,
To be honest,
Of the one who's going to take your hand down the aisle.