So Stirred

So Stirred

It was, I believe, a crash I had on her,
A lady so graceful and a lady so fair.
A lady for whom my wholehearted longing caused;
A lady for whom nights of insomnia at the deepest hour occurred;
A lady for whom rich and colourful imaginations are once again inspired;
A lady for whom the urge of knowing more can't be ceased;
A lady for whom the most beautiful usage of language is strived to be devised;
A lady for whom the caged emotions are finally released,
finally mostly felt.
A lady to whom I would want to articulate these words dearest to my heart,

"There's something I have meant to tell you, but I didn't have the courage enough to even talk to you at the conference.
I regretted a lot afterwards and decided that I really have to come here today, to meet you, and to tell you this:

You're very, very beautiful.

I'm aware you probably get this kind of compliments a lot,
But for you, I believe, there's always room for yet another compliment.

You looked beautiful in that red uniform. You looked beautiful already in it.
However, after you got changed, so did my world.
I remember we met on the hallway after you got changed.
You were wearing black, a black shirt, and although wearing black,
You looked dazzling, dazzling.
There was this radiance around you that just attracted me to look at you.
And, I must say, it was a great pleasure and comfort to look at you.
Your beauty is beyond words,
Yet if one word must be found,
It would be breath-taking.

There, that's the one simple thing I have meant to tell you.
I apologize for making it so complicated,
Yet sometimes simplicity needs complexity to make it stand out.
And out of all that complexity I just put forth,
The one true simple thing is this:
You're very, very beautiful.
I am very attracted to you,
And, if you permit, I would very much like the opportunity to know you more."

My eyes, fairest lady, I couldn't take them off you.
My mind, most lovely, I can't take it off you.

This is dedicated to you, God, for you think of and wait for me as so.