Simple & Pure

Simple & Pure
Nikon FM10, Nikon 35-70mm, Ilford PAN 100 B/W

What's best and most valued in life is always simple and pure.
Dream, for example, is one of those bests.
When talked about dream,
People's eyes lighten up;
The way they talk is full of excitement;
Gestures are all over the place even for those who don't normally express through them;
They have more beyond more to talk about;
It is smile, the purest kind, that you can see on their faces, and it lasts, lasts, lasts
Till this very point that they suddenly realize...

"I am still living in the reality."

It is the time that the perfect scene is blacked out;
The time the purity and simplicity
Are replaced by the socially demanded sophistication and complication
Perhaps not cruelly,
But definitely inevitably.