A Dream

A Dream
Nikon FM10 with Sigma 70-210mm 1:4-5.6 on Konica Minolta Centuria Super 400

Day 4, I had the first sleepless night because of you.
It is really weird in that we didn't really know each other very well,
Yet the fact that your seat will from now forever be empty strikes me hard,
So hard that I am not sure whether I dare laying my eyes on your chair again.

It is really a weird feeling that I can function normally and go about my daily routines knowing you are gone,
Yet when all that surrounds quiets, I can't but to think about you.
To do something about this weirdness, I try to find songs that would say my feeling;
Photos that would express that emptiness in me,
Yet with no success.

I don't really know you, yet a part of me is reaped away; nowhere to be found.
I will not ask where you are, for I know you are with God.
I know because I have received the last gift from you,
A dream as sweet as your character;
A dream that gave me the most peaceful sleep in weeks.

Never will I see you in this building again,
So let me freeze this building for you.