Nikon FM10 with Nikon 35-70mm 1:3.5-4.8 on Ilford PAN 100

Many a night, in this deepest hour of the night,
I woke up to the heat that went to bed with the soldiers who packed this military compound.
I sat up, got rid of the blanket that only generated more undesirable heat, and got reminded of a heat of quite a different kind.
It was the kind of heat that I felt through my finger tips when my fingers soothly slided through the curve of your waist and hips; through my legs when they moved slowly up and down against yours; through my palm when it went gently from your hips to your back and to your neck and back to your back and, through my chest, when I then held you tight and pressed my chest against yours; through my lips when ours passionately kissed each other and seemed to never want to part.
Warmth, perhaps this kind of heat can be better called, and with my eyes shut, being reminded of the wonderful warmth of your body, the heat that surrounded me became of no importance. I lied down again, finding you were in my arm. With a smile on my face, I slept.