Blades That Propel The City

To Kaohsiung, the city that is nicknamed "The Habour City," ship propellers are of absolute importance.

So important that one can even say it is these blades that propel this city forward.

Propellers they definitely are, and propelling this city forward they definitely are, in the past, the present...

And in the future, like wings, they will soar the city into dreams unreachable and unimaginable before.

There is currently an exhibition at the Kaohsiung Museum of History titled "Carrying Forward" (船承高雄). It is an exhibition of the industries and objects related to ocean and ultimately water in Kaohsiung, a city nicknamed "The Habour City." In the exhibition, there are these gigantic anchors and propeller placed at the front yard of the museum, and they are quite a scene to look at and an experience to just be around. The show runs until October 18, so do pay a visit if you are in town.