Grandparents' medicine shop

My grandparents run a home medicine shop in Chiayi. They are actually farmers, and running the medicine shop has always been more or less like a hobby. They are both now too old to keep working in farm, but running the medicine shop is still a hobby. Both the farm and the medicine are part of the heritage of the family.

A direction pointer in the midst of endless farmland that points to my grandparents' little medicine shop named Xin'an Tang.

My grandma is preparing the medicine.

The medicine is paste-like and prepared on a piece of cloth to be applied to a joint.

My grandma (left) and grandpa (right) are applying the medicine on the patient (middle), who is their loyal customer.

My grandpa posed for me, but I didn't take a good photo...

A thank-you board that was given to my grandpa's father, saying "He Who Saved Me From Arthritis."